Mac g4

Okay, for the first time I am going to try to use a Mac. It’s a big plunge - I’m in the PC camp through and through. But for various reasons, I think it would be good to have some Mac experience.

It’s a G4 Pro with AGP. Does anybody know from experience whether Leopard 10.5.6 will run on it? I can add more RAM and a larger hard drive later if that needs be.


It’s a 7 year-old computer, so it might not give you the experience you’re seeking. ie: it will give you the experience of using a Mac 7 years ago :smile:

It will run 10.5 if you have enough RAM, though. What model is it? Click Apple/About this Mac/More Info – it’s the model identifier.

Under “About this Computer” it says: MAC OS 9.0.3 - Power PC Enabler 9.0.3 :smile:
512 MB of RAM

Does it also say which processor?

Is there a “more info” link? If not, look for something called “System Profiler” – should be just below “about this computer” – can’t remember where it is in OS9, it’s been so long :smile:

The fact that it’s running OS9 tells me that it’s an older version, might be more than 10 years old! Check this place out to see if you can identify it:

Anyway, it should be able to handle 10.5 ok, but it will be a bit slow. Not exactly a modern Mac experience. Sorta like grabbing a Windows 98 machine to check out Windows :smile:

wish i was in town, i have BAGS of hard drives and ram for this machine, Can you describe the color or anything like that so we can help you ?

10.5 will run but the more ram and faster 7200rpm hard drive would help.

I think they came stock with a 5400.

Hey thanks for the replies and the help offer! I have a fair bit of equipment to work with so no worries. Windows98 eh? SE or Vanilla '98? just kidding lol

I would like to jump into Apple repairs so imaging/upgrading the hard drive and upgrading the OS will be a good initiation I think. The machine is a Power Mac G4 with AGP

It’s a bit low-tech but I can put the slowness into context given the hardware. I have it unhooked for the time being pending a weekend project but I do recall there was a system profile somewhere in there. I’ll check that.

What’s the latest Apple OS? Eventually I’d like to get to those oh-so-awesome Apple video editing apps and LAN media services (?). AppleTV is epic I hear. All in due time.

Cheers fellas

I’m pretty sure you need Intel CPU to run Snow Leopard.

he can go to 10.5, that is the limit of the os now he will need intel to go to 10.6 and ^.

It’s a slow beast, only uses PC100SD ram and tops out at 768mb too.

I had one in my room last winter for a storage server, worked really well, I have a mac mini in my closet collecting dust too, the g4 stuff is just ancient now…