Mac apps are PITA

Updated my old 2008 Macbook to El Capitan, and I can’t find iMovie or Garage band anymore.
I have another identical Macbook, a Mac mini and an iMac which all updated to El Capitan, as far as they can go. None have the normally included apps like GarageBand, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, etc.
None will download from the app store, it says you need iOS 10.14, or 10.15 etc and there’s no link to older versions.
So I did the “Unsupported Catalina” upgrade on one and the App Store still says I need 1015 or 10.14 or whatever even though Catalina is 10.15.7 and wont install… the store must check the Mac model number, not the OS number.
Any suggestions or solutions to install older software?

BTW the unsupported Catalina install works fine so far otherwise. I wouln’t even think of running Windows on a Core2duo…

BTW the El Capitan update was done yeas ago. I used iMovie after my trip to N&L in 2014 and haven’t used it since.

I was able to download iMovie from the App Store on an “unsupported” Catalina, but it’s an i5 MacBook Air from 2011.

So it may not be checking the OS version, but rather your CPU?

Did you use DOSDUDE’s USB thing to upgrade?

I can send you this copy of iMovie if you want to try it. Dunno if that would work.

Ok, I take it back. It keeps crashing.

Ironically, the latest version of Final Cut Pro seems to work fine on here.

trying to copy Application and Application Support files over network share was one suggestion.
Took me all day to set up, it’s UNGODLY slow. Now trying to xfer via USB stick, it’s also horrible slow w El Capitan.
Another suggestion is to pull HD and copy from one HD to another.

Found old install disks for iWorks08 and Adobe Elements9.
Bah… time to switch to GIMP and LinreOffice set to save as MSoft files instead…

The network share thing works but at glacial speeds… and like I mentioned that software was a decade old.
Added Davinci video as well, doubt it will run on CoreDuo as good as my Ryzen desktop but WTH. Gonna list them for $300 and see who bites.
Got a 2010 Mac mini I will clean up too.
BTW all those old Macs with SSDs are faster than the i3 and Pentium slugbait PCs people bring me to fix.

Then I’ll have the down payment to a new M1…


Nominating iTunes as the worst Mac app I’ve ever used. The least intuitive anyways.
Add that to the MSoft/Apple rivalry and you can pull your hair out by the roots. Did you know if you download iTunes and install it on a fresh Windows 10, it won’t fully work? Uninstall it, reboot and download it from the MSoft store, then it will show up in ThisPC as well, like it used to. Of course, it will also start backing it up and tie both up for hours if you don’t go into autostart apps and prevent it from doing so first.
And if you’re lucky like me it will sync so that everything in that old decrepit P.O.S. windows comp every business seems to insist on using for 3 decades will copy itself into the owner’s iPhone photo album - in a locked state so he can’t delete it. And take a week! Like all northern business owners, also so butt squeakingly cheap their iPhone belongs in a museum and has like 12MB of free space.

But my Mac issues are S.F.A. after dealing with Windows and fucking Android BS all week.

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I dunno why they still have iTunes on Windows.

They dropped it on macOS a while ago. They use separate programs for all those functions now.

even El Capitan just opens Photos…
Windows used to have Photo Companion, you could wirelessly transfer photos from iPhone. Stopped it a while back, it was only ‘experimental’.

Had to tell the customer with the problem to either bring the iPhone to me to use a Mac or call me when they had a new Windows computer that worked. I mean open a program in under 3 minutes…

Had to fix a Lenovo the other day, plays musical tune instead of BIOS beep codes. Said you needed Android app to decode it, not available for iPhone. So I charged up an old Android tablet overnight and the app was GONE. Googled for solutions, it was now only on iPhone.
The very day I was using it, they switched!

2 identical old Macbooks, the one with the Catalina patch seems much snappier. And no worries about older software. It just won’t run 32 bit stuff!

I just want to beat people over the head. Set ALL your passwords and login IDs to everything exactly the same. 123456.
You CAN’T even remember one to save your own life. You can’t possibly remember one email @gmail AND one, that;s so incredibly complex Einstein couldn’t do it.
Remember when you set it up to set the recovery email for to Or better set your recovery number to your phone and forget your appleID, misspell your recovery email for your appleID and snivel and whine incessantly for someone else to ‘fix it’ because it’s so important.
Even better, make sure your phone/ipad is really old and enter password guesses until it fully disabled as then it will never go into DFU or recovery mode either.
Don’t forget to call every hour with helpful suggestions like
-my telus email doesn’t have a passworf, it never had one
-my iPad never had a passcode before you turned it off and back on again
-my sister;s son who’s really good with computers says (he’s 10)
-I know I gave you my email details so you could recover it but I got a mail on my iPad saying some unknown computer was trying to get in so I said “NO”
I’m beginning to understand why 75 million ppl voted for Trump. Devolution, my Dad’s generation could build Hbombs and U2s with slide rules, current ones can’t remember their passwords.

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OMG why are you calling your iPhone ‘stupid’. It works perfectly. It remembers your password, you don’t!

Guy drops off printer, one I told him a year ago to replace as I’m cooking dinner on a Friday evening. So mad he’s gonna take a baseball bat to it because it keeps saying ‘paper jam’. Calls ne 8:00 am Saturday to see if it’s fixed.
So I plug it in, Jam light flashes, Pick it up and look, open the access door and fish out 1/2 a sheet of crumpled paper. Toss out the 50 sheets of already printed on the other side paper and put in a couple fresh sheets, click on add printer on my computer - there it is. No USB cable, not connected to my access point, no codes for HP direct. Prints fine… gave him a USB cable last spring as ever since he got a new Windows 10 laptop he couldn’t make it connect, I wasn’t making housecalls in the height of Covid.
Peeple. They say they can’t but really they’d rather work themselves into a fit of anger than even make an effort.

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For two years I set-up an install of Norton Antivirus for free for an acquaintance of mine. I tried unsuccessfully to suggest that he use the good anti virus that comes with Windows 10. No go. Every year he goes to Walmart and spends $60.00 on Norton. He can’t figure out how to install it or set it up. I don’t like Norton it’s an awful product. So I went to his place and activated his subscription. This year I decided against doing the free work. Now he’s angry with me.

Finishing off someone who used the FIXMESTICK. Borked the entire Win10 installation. Boot loop, huge holes in system32 folder, system reserved folder ceased to exist as did user/doucments, pictures. Known issue reported by others in forums.
Fresh install of Win 10 was all I can do!
Plus it was a *&^% Lenovo with all their non=standard BS. Little pinhole by oddball square power plug you need to use to get into BIOS, in itself extremely limited. Took ages to get it to boot from USB Bart stick, repeat, test, repeat to use Win10 install usb. OMG
noticed his download folder consisted of ONLY free antivirus apps and those “Helper” fakes.

Also just came back from my favourite little old lady who’s windows machine always opens totally different screens than anyone else in the world’s Windows does. Click Settings, you’re already three layers deep in it. Doctor tells her to download Zoom, you know she’ll never, ever understand where it goes and that you have to install it too, and of course I find in the download folder:
zoom1234edfgjbm,.ljkj !w^&i isllcvv ucvtyddfza^&*&sb

You know the type. FOr fifteen years she asks “Is that left click or right click?”

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Q of the day, Not to do with Macs, I’ve only ever encountered TWO businesses in my career that ran Macs… why ia everyone who’s able to write their computers off as a business expense so BUTT SQUEAKINGLY CHEAP?
In 2 weeks I’ve had two businesses just now upgrading to Windows10 because their software now requires it. Because they know the upgrade is FREE and they’re too cheap to get a new computer.
Now I know it’s not the greatest indicator but a quick cpubenchmark lookup gave me ratings of 747 pn one 900 something on the other compared to the one I made last year just to dick around with rated at over 17,800
When I click an icon, I want my window to open NOW, not after I’ve brewed a pot of coffee on an old stove top percolator. And I’m pretty much retired, not running a life depends on it business!

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I’ve become quite spoiled with Linux. I maintain one Win 10 Pro Dell Lattitude that has a 3.4GHZ CPU, 16 GB RAM, and an SSD. I have a slightly older Lattitude with similar specs running Debian 10 with KDE-plasma. The Linux unit is blazing fast compared to the Windws unit.

Linux forces you to learn something whereas good Korporate citizens stop all learning after graduation, get a goddam job and buy things like you’re supposed to.
It’s a co-operatively designed operating system and soshulism is bad, mmmmkay?

…says the guy stuffing cash in his pocket from people who simply won’t learn how to even use Windows…

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Lazy computer users = job security for you, herbie. I enjoy reading your posts. Heh.

Made a simple Wordpress site for an ID10t woman friend in 2016 when I had my own server bank. She sends me $50 when she can afford it, covers the domain renewal and not much more. In 7 years she sent ONE pic and not text, mentioned it every time we spoke…nothing.
So she calls me a week or so ago that her friend is going to update it for her. Three days of 'the login doesn’t work - forgot the password - etc etc. Works every time I try. Then I discover her friend is trying to FTP into a Wordpress site.
Then Wordpress is ‘too hard’ so she made the entire site on Wix. Need an FTP
Wix won’t let you download the actual code. It’s theirs, you can send it somewhere else.
(All the while the ID10t is inserting herself in phones and texts rather than letting us talk directly)
Just link the domain to the Wix sire. But it costs to do that she doesn’t want to pay.
So I sigh and just pick a WP theme that’s similar, copy and paste all the pics and text from that wix site and load it up.
(of course getting told every hour or so how she doesn’t like the font or her brother can’t see the site, is it live? etc etc)
ID10t texts she wants this pic included, will get back to me…
I go back to adjust a font the next day, the site is all changed! She texts that ‘so and so’ is doing the site, the boyfriend of the girl doing the Wix thing! She didn’t even LOOK at her own site, 99% says she doesn’t even know how to!
Then texts later he’s having problems. So I gave her shit, that was like taking your car out of the garage and bringing it to another mechanic to guess WTF was going on. GImme the guys number, fuck off and quit interfering.
So the guy and I text and I leave him be. ONE DAY LATER he can’t log in. Nor I, hell the site doesn’t come up even, just the empty site folder default. “all I did was” story…
I go into the database it"s FUBAR. Total gibberish instead of text where page links and attributes are. So I clean that, fix links going ONLY to https (she wont buy a cert, I wont make a free one every 3 months for her either) and try it. SIte comes up, but whole chunks gone from style.css…
So after talking to him I wiped the folder, used Installatron to put in a fresh WP site, put the user, theme and plugins back in and told him - go ahead rebuild it.
I go to the dentist, Phone buzzes 3 times in my pocket while I’m in the chair.
ID10t, he can’t login, WTF did you do? I look at the site - he’s already got it half rebuilt. She didn’t even fucking look. She’d already pestered him after I told her to leave us both alone he’d call her when he’s done. She’d hung up and texted me before he’d even hit REFRESH on his browser.
He suggests we both put ID10t on block and he’d call her once he’s finished. AFTER he finished the work he’s got from paying customers, not imposing friends. Damn good advice.
I broke a mirror last week. Is this what to expect the next 7 years?

lookee here HTMF’s very own /r/rechnightmares

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