M & Ms

Hey, if you grab a handful of M & Ms, they are plural.  But what if you just want one?

Is it an M & M?  Or an M?

You ask for an M&M.

But that HAS to be rare… one M&M is never enough.

I actually remember a Beavis & Butthead episode where Beavis is standing at a vending machine outside the convenience store waiting for Butthead (who never shows)… Beavis, then starving and entering a “hunter-gatherer” sort of mindset, finds a single M&M on the ground, and I distinctly recall him uttering “Ahhh…hehe…hehe… M&M…” and eating it.

I am Cornholio.


I think it’s just an M! …b/c there’s only one M printed on them! http://images.google.ca/images?q=tbn:IZGWCYGVGH8tcM:images.maktoob.com/mms/images/red.jpg

Let’s hope the companies that make Skittles and the company who makes M&M"s never merge!


Somehow seeing this comment along side of Herbie’s cavity search one is a little intimidating to me. Â

Now I’m really scared.


Maybe their W’s? http://img54.imageshack.us/img54/3892/scopy2th.jpg

They call our candies Almondillos because they’re made of Almonds. Why do they call theirs “Skiddles”

OK!  I’ll say it loud enough! 

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I like this kind of M&M’s

Bacon Wrapped Top Sirloin Steaks
M&M Meat Shop

An M.

i want the chocolate covered peanut m&m’s

I remember having almond and chocolate-mint M&Ms a few years ago.  Now those were good!