Lover's Lane, Rupert-style

Should Eso be allowed to get freaky wheresoever he chooses?

  • Yeah, it’s a veritable long-range booty call!
  • Hell no, I have to ride in that backseat sometimes!!!
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Friends, I must now relate to you a story that is sad, but true.

At approximately 11:40pm, Friday January 3, 2003, at Ridley Island, on the waterline just before the gravel road starts, I and an anonymous female companion were nestled snugly in the luxurious confines of my gainly chariot, the Silver Bullet (translation: I was getting it on in the backseat of the Buick). While reveling in our shared and fundamental state of nakedness, my companion became alarmed at the sight of a pair of headlights approaching from the road, and ceased our activities in order to alert me.

We relinquished our embrace and fumbled for clothes with which to cover ourselves, as we realized we had been stung by a sleuthy agent of law enforcement, who had exited his vehicle (which was parked just inches behind mine, preventing any chance of escape).

Calmly, I turned the ignition to accessory, in order to use the power windows that came with the luxury package on a 1988 Buick Century, and, only a t-shirt strewn across my lap to hide my nudity, greeted the interrupting Mountie.

“Good evening.” I said with a smirk, for I was beginning to relish the hilarity of my situation, and could not help a grin from spreading across my face. Looking into the vehicle with a flashlight, which caused my friend in the passenger seat to cringe, as she covered herself best she could, and this uniformed superhero got straight to the point.

“How old are you?” He asked me, straight-faced, and when I answered, he repeated the question to the automobile’s other occupant. She too responded truthfully, and boy in blue shook us down for pieces of photo I.D., should we have any, which we were both more than happy to present.

He returned to his roving office, giving us an opportunity to dress, which we seized. After a seemingly lengthy conversation with central intelligence, he once again strode confidently to my drivers’ side window, and handed us back our identification cards, leaning in through the window to hand my companion her’s, rather than giving it to me to pass on to her.

He then firmly bode us good night, hinting that continued acts of such moral indecency would not be tolerated. At that, he drove away, allowing us to do the same.

Highlights included him knowing Anita’s mom (who works as an administrative assistant for the RCMP), and this memorable gem: “Well, I have a feeling I won’t be able to flirt my way out of this one.”

My only regret from the whole thing is that I wasn’t ticketed or written up or anything. I would have loved an official piece of paper citing me for boinking in public or something.

Also, I tried to change my MSN name to

but it was rejected. So I tried removing the colons, then the quotation marks, the then Uhh, and so forth, until I finally found the culprit. The word “officer” isn’t allowed in an MSN name. What the fuck? I think the terrorists may have already won.


good thing you leave tomorrow eh eese?
well today lol!

Heh, I wasn’t so far off when I asked if you guys were going to Ridley :smile:


Apparently we’re not the only people who go there. I’ve talked to some other people (whose names I probably oughtta not say), who also go out there and do impure things in a minivan.

Well, now you can’t say your time down here was a total waste.

nice humping jabroni

eso there is a nice hidden spot out at ridley much better than that big open lot at the end of the road.

and joel would be privledged to show you this place…

showed you it many times before.

i’m still, i’m still Hoang from the block


“I and an anonymous female companion”
"Highlights included him knowing Anita’s mom "

ahhaha nice give away… boinking with the bortingion (sp)

he means now anitas mom will find out, and tell anita.


you the man eese.


“I and an anonymous female companion”
"Highlights included him knowing Anita’s mom "

ahhaha nice give away… boinking with the bortingion (sp)[/quote]

Wow, you mean even if I hadn’t said that last part, no one would have known who she was!!??!?! Ohs nos, teh hor-r!

Go down the dirt road and theres a trail that goes down to the beach on the right hand side, that place rocks! Its a perfect sand beach.

Just make sure the tides out!! :wink:

It was cold, dark, windy, and rainy… I know the spot you’re speaking of, but we didn’t want to leave the shelter of the car… plus the Silver Bullet generally doesn’t play well with gravel roads.

turn off just before the big lot go down the back road you end up by the ocean and dont need to leave the car :smile:

The guys working at the Grain Elevator still call the cops to come bust you. They sit right in the front window and can see every car that goes by. A couple of the guys that work in the front live for calling the cops and telling that some kids are getting it on down the road. Your best bet is to turn off before you hit the main stretch.

I have never had anyone come out there before and bother me but then again not many people drive back in the trees :smile: nice view of the ocean and really nice during sunsets :wink:

haha, eese, thats golden…remember this though: