Lost Wallet

Black trifold wallet lost on the sidewalk between Prime Time Cafe & Stuck On Designs. Yesterday afternoon about 2:00.
It was picked up within 5 minutes of being dropped. If you have any info, please PM me.

To the dumb ass that decided to keep my wallet…hope you enjoyed the movie, used my Scene card to bump my points so I get a free movie. I hope the 10% off the concession is worth the bull shit I have to go through to replace everything. You don’t have the decency or honesty to turn it in? I think I actually know who you are, passed you on the sidewalk, don’t forget it’s a small town things come around!

very sad kev… Karma works though they were get there’s one day

I’m sorry to hear that your wallet is lost, KevW! I hope it turns up at some point.

The movie theater doesn’t have cameras in it at all, does it? If it does, could do some fancy CSIing and match the time the scene card was used with the video… but that only works if there’s video.

LOL…I actually thought about that. Definetely not worth that kind of effort. On the upside I got a free movie sooner than expected. It just pisses me off that there is such little effort required to do the right thing but some people just don’t give a shit. My rant is over, just needed to vent!

Losing a wallet freaking sucks. I completely understand your frustration, anger. A nice cold beer may help. :smile: