Lost miniature of Prince Rupert

lost miniature of Prince Rupert.

MiG I cant  find your thread about the miniature cowbay, you can merge if you want…

Pretty cool…

Hmmmm, I can’t remember the name but I’ve seen a video version of this technique before on either Metafilter or Boing-Boing. Haven’t I??

Tilt-shift lens? 

Mine are here:  menino.com/wp/2006/03/05/scale-m … ce-rupert/
(click on the photos to bigify them)

Yep, that’s it. Very cool!!  :wink:

Great shot Dave and I also saw your Mig. What kind of camera a you guys using?

I wounder if a Lens Baby would work? hmmmm

photoshop My Man!!! hehe

That is cool Dave and Mig. What are the PS techniques?

here you go my man tinyurl.com/8u8rcb

What’s the deal with that?  Just a narrow Depth of Focus used or what? 

On second glance it looks like the colors have been mussed with too.

Yeah, both of them.  Saturate the heck out of the photo and narrow the focus, makes it look like a miniature.

Cool I’ll have to give it a shot.

A neat photo/technique I saw was the reverse of this.  A miniature car was placed on a road and a macro shot was taken with a tripod from closeup.  Next without changing the camera position a landscape shot was taken.  The two images were merged with some program and the outcome was a toy car that looked big. 

Yeah, I’ve seen that kind of thing too.  You make it so everything is in focus, and then use software to merge all the in-focus stuff.

A friend of mine who is a professor at the college (and I’m sure taught you at CHSS) has some software that does this automatically.

The problem with macro stuff is the very narrow focus.  But if you want to have a scientific photo (ie: an insect or something), then you want it all to be in focus.  So you do exactly what you describe:  take a series of photos with different focus points, and then merge them all.  Cool stuff.

Thanks for the link Mig.

tiltshiftmaker.com/  – this website lets you upload a photo and automagically applies the tilt-shift effect to it.  Unfortunately it only does the horizontal effect, but it’s super easy to use.

Thanks Mig. Very cool and easy. I tried it and posted a few on my site.
There’s also a flickr group for them as well.

Camera Phone Pic using that website :smile:

I’m having so much fun lol