Lost Dog!

Someone opened m back gate and took my 1and half year old black lab retrever. His name is Mr.bear and is super friendly. if anyone can give my any info i will be so happy! i just want my dog back!! he has scars on his back right foot because he just recovered from a glass wound. please email me if you can help:(

Have you found him? Maybe city bylaw knows, or SPCA?

I sure do hope you get him back safe, can you tell us in what area this was in.!

What street / block number / area of town. Posters always help too. If he was taken, it’s helps put emphasis on how willing you are to get him back. If it were me, I’d offer a reward for whom stole the dog. /dubious area ahead /sarcasm

I recovered a cat that had been starving for 8 days and she went on to live a happy life to this day - from posting posters. They work. :wink:

Good luck finding your big puppy.