Lost cat

Lost Cat: Missing since July 1st a short haired grey and white tabby. Last seem on 4th Avenue East by Saanich Plumbing. If you have seen her or have any information on her whereabouts please call 250-624-4511. Thank you.

Will post on F/B Prince Rupert Missing Pets and share for you. Have you called the SPCA? 250 624 2859 Good Luck and please keep us posted.

Yes. I hope that the cat is soon reunited with it’s owner. Although we don’t have any pets
at the moment we have in the past and we know the attachment people have with
their animals. The pain of losing a cherished pet is to some almost comparable to losing a loved one.

Yes we contacted the SPCA and wildlife shelter, thank you. Will keep everyone posted. Thanks again

We once had one of our cats missing and it was found after 4 weeks locked in the neighbors basement. It had lost a lot of weight, but survived because it had access to water. Check around to see if it’s trapped somewhere.

She may have gone missing after the fireworks and is shut in someones’ shed or garage also. Maybe check with your neighbours as she might have been frightened off ! Amazing how close cats can be if they are scared !