Lost cat

Lost my cat a week ago. hes half tabby and half Siamese… white with a dark tail. anyone seen him? name is Kona.

my cat has been gone for a week. his name is Kona. hes half tabby and half siamese. hes white with a dark tail. anyone seen him?

What area of town?

around service park area. but that was a week ago. he likes to follow people. could be anywhere.

I saw a Ad at Cowpaccino’s with a found cat similar to this one. In the picture it looked siamese with blue eyes. Be sure to check that out.

He’s a beauty! Have you called the SPCA or the Wildlife? Put up some posters in your area, do everything you can, someone may have taken him in! SPCA is 250 624 2859 Good Luck and keep us posted, please !

There was a notice on the Safeway message board (in that room with all the buggies) with a picture of a cat that sure looks like your cat. The message said they’d found it but couldn’t keep it so would the owner call them. I don’t have the number but you might still find it down at Safeway. Good luck!

Nope wasnt my cat! thanks anyways.

I think your cat just walked in my door, idk how to post a pic on here
But I can text it to u, hes just eating right now so ASAP in case it
Runs out

U can call 600-0950

It’s a very nice cat but eager to get out so if anyone knows how to
Get ahold of owner ASAP would b great

Sorry it ran out, it ate and ran, we r in the 1700 Sloan area

thanks for everyone help. found him!

I saw a cat this morning just past the campground on Park Ave. Looked to be scared. This cat was very much like the cat you are looking for. If you have a piece of clothing with your smell on it, try putting it down near the end of the campground with a some food in a cat cage, you may just get your cat back.

Very nice of you to keep looking but as they said above, they found him !! Good news !!