Lost Cat in Brett Place /Alberta Place area of Prince Rupert

Lost …1 cat … Short/Medium haired Domestic ,approx 2 years old,spayed female , this cats primary colour is smokey grey with hints of orange , it’s stomach has a thicker coat of hair with more orange! Baby Cat(it’s name) went missing Tuesday afternoon (nov 26)from 1150 Brett Place , any look out for it is greatly appreciated ,if found please contact Donna Denning at 2506244884 or Kirk Denning at 2506004804.thank you

Have you called the SPCA or put a post on FB’s PR Pets? It has been a crappy weather week and missing since Tuesday, maybe hiding from the rain in a shed or garage?

Yeah it may have got spooked by the noise and bush clearing the city did at the side of the property, around there storm sewer pipe on Tues.

Have you walked around checking for him? Maybe leave some food and water out somewhere close to your house or walk around shaking a treat bag? Someone could have taken him in out of the rain too. Poor baby.

*** Posted on Facebooks’ Prince Rupert Pets… Hope that is OK.

Thank you for doing this ( posting it to Facebook) that’s very appreciated , the part that sucks is I’m in Prince George ,my mother went looking around for it since it’s actually there cat , and mine too I also posted to the SPCA site,I’ll mention that to her tomorrow , but so far no luck , she walked around today looking for it , I can’t come back to Rupert Myself as I’m in the middle of school up here !thx for helping :smile:

No problem at all and hopefully someone has found her and brought her in, it is raining horribly here. If your mom could leave food out, that will help! Will keep you posted if there is anything on FB !

Any news on “Baby Cat”? I checked the PR SPCA Facebook page and there was nothing posted. Do you want me to post her for you?

Sadly there has been no indication of Baby Cat , but thanks for helping , its very appreciated everything you have done , im not ready to give up hope on it , but also have to face the fact that its lost , or passed on due to some incident , i just hope that it was not hurt and in pain ,but if anyone wants to keep a look out for it, its very appreciated , thanks :smile:

I am so sorry but no, never give up hope. Probably someone took her in out of the bad weather. I am going to post on the PR SPCA site though, if you don’t mind.

Please feel free to post on the SPCA site , it’s really appreciated and thank you for caring

To top off the family cat going missing and never being found , today the family dog needed to be put down due to having a stroke and old age !!! What a crap 3 weeks this has been !!!

Sorry to hear about Whitey. He’s crossed the rainbow bridge where he can run freely.

My dad says he had a horrible 3 weeks too, and that it gets better, Kirk.

Kirk, was he the beautiful dog at the corner house that loved to sleep in the driveway? If so, he was adorable and I used to walk my Newfie by and give him treats. He was a beauty and I am so sorry for your loss. RIP Sweet Baby, you will be loved always.

Could this be your cat?

That cat sure does have the colouring of my missing cat , can’t tell if that cat is dead or alive in that picture , thx