Lost art of following the rules

So the other day, I am at a business on 3rd. When it comes time to pay my bill $10.36 I head to the front of the restaurant and present my interac card. When the lady punches in the total, I insert my card, and promptly notice the screen saying $10.40 So I hit cancel and remove my card. Now first off there is no rounding on debit or credit, secondly how does .36 round up to .40 I inform the lady there is no rounding on interac payments required, and she gets all snobby, and say’s “You talk to gov’t I don’t make the rules” She tells me she has to round it. So I ask her if she wants to round the numbers, at what point does she decide to round down? No response. I place the card in pay the $10.40, and left with the $1.75 tip I was going to give her. Don’t think she understands that after all this, she lost money. Get it straight, or don’t expect to see me again. I don’t make the rules either, but getting hosed by your ignorance is not at the top of my agenda.

Let me guess - Stardust?

West End.

“Ignorance” in this case would be clueless, in my opinion. Sorry you were dealt with this on the “new system”. May I offer a bit of humour to hopefully help make your day. Here goes…

[quote]Westend Restarant
number - 3rd Avenue West
Prince Rupert, BC
Postal Code:

Attention: Owner

It has come to our attention that you have been rounding up your bills-of-sale from customers to your establishment who use interac and/or credit cards to pay for their meals. Effective immediately we request that you stop employing this procedure. Additionally, you have until tomorrow at this time to refund all those customers to whom have employed such bank cards.

Yes, we are the government and yes WE MAKE RULE!

Kind regards,
Government Rule Maker[/quote]

I wouldn’t have paid the bill…

And I wouldn’t have cared if I could never have gone back there either…

I can’t believe the fuss over a few cents :smile:

All we want these people to do is follow the RULES. What they are doing is stealing if they round up with debit or credit card purchases. If this continues they will be reported to the appropriate people.

It may just be a few cents as someone said, but the rules established for rounding are so bloody easy why are some businesses failing at following them? Cash ends in 6,7, round down, 8, 9 round up. Credit/debit, no rounding. Easy right?

It is easy. (But you forgot 1,2,3,4)