Looks Like I need a job

Hi Folks,

Well it looks like this poor paperboy needs a new job. If you know of anybody that’s looking to hire a sales/manger type please drop me a line I’d love to hear about it. My wife and I don’t want to leave Rupert so we’re going to try to stick it out.

On that note, I do own a house here so I guess I should try to sell it just in case we have to make a departure. Great place totally fixed up doesn’t need anything #354 Sherbooke Ave. Asking price $249,000


Whaaaat?? :frowning:

Yes I need a new job so if you have any leads please let me know.
The company has a couple other branches they’d move me to if I want, but I like it here so everything else pales in comparison.

Man, I hope you stay here in Rupert.  :frowning:

Good luck on finding a new job!  :wink:

Sorry to hear of the developments, been down that path myself once or twice.

Hope that it all works out well for you both.

Best wishes finding a new job, man! :smile:  I hope you can stay in PR! 

Thanks for the comments and pm’s everyone. Much appreciated, I’ve been in a rough mood all night so any thing positive is helping me out.

hey i know how you feel i lost my job on saturday and i also own a house
i would try prince rupert grain

they are looking for management types

Good luck chad

Yeah, they’re looking for a person to fill up the operations supervisor position, but I’m not sure they’ve hired anybody yet.

I say go for it now before it’s too late.

Hey… this probably isn’t something that paperboy is looking for but I thought I would throw this out for anyone looking for some employment in Rupert. I heard a rumor that we are without a process server in town now. If this is true, this could be a way for someone to pick up some bucks working for themselves.

A process server is someone who goes around serving documents on people for lawyers offices, or private citizens who need stuff served.

Crazymike, is it like in the US (on TV anyway), where you have to physically give the person the court papers in order to “be served” ?

Sorry to de-rail another HTMF topic :wink:

I can’t speak for private process servers, but I do know that we serve documents on behalf of the courts and we’ve been taught that you can just drop it at the person’s feet if they won’t take it. It’s still considered “served”. In some cases the Judge will authorize us just sticking it to the door or something like that if we can show the person is evading service.

This isn’t the same as a Bounty Hunter is it? Cause I’d love to be able to grow my hair long like Dog (well actually I’d just like to grow my hair long again, those days are gone I’m afraid) and drive around in a cool ride all day, now that would be fun… :wink:

I’m a certified bounty hunter via the Internet, and I’ve got the baseball cap to prove it. :smiley: