Looking to rent on bdrm or bachelor suite for October

Hi there, my partner and i are moving back to Prince Rupert in October, all we need is somewhere that is clean and working to rent, it can be a bachelor or a small one bedroom. we have one litter box trained cat, who can go outside if its a good neighbor hood, and a 5 pound chihuahua, HOWEVER he DOES NOT bark like other ones do, only if he doesn’t know you at at first, then hell stop, he doesn’t nip either, he loves people, very friendly , and is house trained. we would love it if hydro and hot water/ cable/ internet were included. I am posting this now, because it seems like it has been hard to find somewhere to rent in rupert latley, so if you have something, or you know of anyone that does. Please message me, i would appreciate it a lot! Thanks!

Hi, I will have a one bedroom in a large 2 bedroom apartment for rent for October 1st for $550.00 a month. Includes hydro, internet and parking. There is as well an onsite laundry facility and the bus stop is close by. Just about everyone in the complex has a pet dog or cat. It is really quiet here and tucked into a forested area by a stream. Owners of cats let them roam about freely and the cats really love it here as well. I have a chihuahua too and she likes to protect her master and home and at times she too can be a bit barky. Other than that when she is warmed up to new people, dogs and cats, she is very affectionate and a lot of fun. Please contact me at 250-622-8167 if this interests you and suites your need!

Thank you!