Looking to buy:

If anyone has any of the following I’d be interested in talking about buying it from you. I’m looking for a truck winch, preferably 9000 - 12000 pound range, Hi-Lift Jack, set of large tires (preferably 35"s on 15" rims, rims don’t matter too much though) uhh, any sort of heavy duty block and tackle, etc, basically anything intended for use on a off road truck if you have it laying around drop me a message, I’d like to hear.

Heh, none of your other “sources” of tires really came through? Or just not big enough?

Nah I’m running 31’s right now, I can pick up those ones from work too for cheap, but… I want bigger, better… Y’know, just keeping an eye out

ya and there are so many monster truck drivers on this website. This is one of the best places to find big beefy tires :d

Actually, it is. There are tons of guys that look through this place with tons of hookups for stuff like that.

Yeah, like all the guys at the Daily News!

You never know what someone has laying in their shop or backyard just rotting away. No harm asking, right?

Speaking of shit like that, that’s not your Jeep for sale in the paper is it MiG?


anyone have a bike for sale?

I might know a buddy who has a Norco Drop I think. Full suspension. I don’t know if he wants to part with it or not, but he doesn’t ride it much, if at all. Make an offer and I’ll pass it along to him.

2003 norco a-line?


Ouch!!! That body would definately hurt the carcus if perhaps I were to collapse onto it. ( My GrammaR sucks always )

I’ll give you forty bucks.



I’ll give you forty bucks.[/quote]

i knew someone would post something stupid like that.
still want that t-shirt? that day didnt work for me all that well.

Im looking for a more… shitty bike… something to ride to the store to get groceries in kelowna.