Looking forward to the new star wars movie


so who else is looking forward to the new star wars movie on dec 18,. Im sure its going to be great but all the commercialism of star wars is getting to be too much.



I’m really looking forward to the new Star Wars. I also predict it will be amazing. :sunglasses:


I think JJ Abrams was a good choice to resurrect it.

I agree with you that it’s getting to be way too commercial. Disney needs to make back whatever they paid Lucas for it!

I love Star Wars: Rebels. Great story lines, aimed at kids too. It uses the simple formula: “Make likeable characters, put them in danger, and have interesting and exciting adventures.”

Unlike the prequels, which were characters nobody cared about, doing things that nobody cared about. Who gives a shit about trade negotiations? hahaha!

So I’m hopeful the new movies will continue with the spirit of Star Wars: Rebels.