Looking for work and home

I have fallen in love with Prince Rupert and am planning a move in the fall.
However home and work have not yet materialized.
I have been working in software development as an analyst and developer, as well as having lots of experience (practical and otherwise) in the arts.
If anyone has any suggestions (other than look elsewhere) I would be delighted to hear them.

Was the sun shining when you were here? You know it doesn’t happen often, right?

:unamused: jackass, rupert is a very nice place rain or not. Though the rain at times can be a little depressing I prefer rupert to alot of places i have been. There is no place like it if you are into the outdoors etc.

Alistair you still thinking about doing what we talked about ? I bought a car : O )

Sometimes when the sun shines, but at this point, mostly no. Compleatly depends on how other things turn out.