Looking for way to Vancouver/Nanaimo/Victoria - land/air/sea

Hello! I am a tourist here in town at the moment, but, I will be looking for a way home in the next week and a half.

I am keen to go by air, if you are a pilot already heading to Vancouver or Vancouver Island, and would be keen to make an extra few dollars, I would be happy to pay my way
I would love to sail! if you are headed in that direction, I am an able deckhand with longer crossings experience.
Driving is cool too, I make for good conversation along the journey. The ferry is possible, but I would rather not given the price; unfortunately it seems much more economical to drive all the way around to Vancouver than to take the ferry – silly! :neutral_face:

So! if you are on your way to the warmer part of our province’s coast, I would be really happy to become a part of your travel plans!

some kind of work exchange can be arranged!

Kind Regards

Bump for Rob. He’s a great guy.