Looking for carpet underlay for martial arts club mat

I’m looking for carpet underlay for donation towards the huge mat i need to construct for the MMA / Self Defence club I am starting. I’m willing to pick it up, and it doesn’t have to be new , so if you are renovating and taking out old stuff and it is in ok (ie no mold or bio hazards) shape send me an email and I will come and get it asap. The club will open up with tatami judo mats but I want to have a 30 x 40 matted area in as soon as possible. Thanks

Might help if i left mt email , lol. prmma@hotmail.com

Just make sure that it does not have this stuff in it or the mats themselves don’t.


thats a lot of reading  :smiley:

This might be helpful  weebls-stuff.com/toons/Narwhals/