Looking for a lap or desk top computer info


Any recommendations on a brand and model that would be good for our oldest heading off ot high school in Sept?

We have a dell laptop … I like it but don’t love it.

Those small notepads will do the job he needs.  Plus they are in a good price range.


Oh God don’t touch MDG… they know more about financial hosing than computers.
The Toshiba Netbook we discussed last week was on for $429, this week Future shop had the 11.6" Acer AspireOnes for $389 and a 14" emachine for only $429.
Warning tho, the emachine has Vista Basuck, can barely run it, and everything about it screams “budget”

I’m getting a laptop for school as well and this is basically what I’m looking for, hope this helps:

min RAM: 3gb (to run Vista smoothly)
min harddrive: 160gb
Dedicated graphics card
Processor Speed: min 2.0GHz
Wireless network card: with 802.11n

meh, I don’t know much about computers so if anyone else can add on. :smile:

I only have three words to say

macbook, MACBOOK, MACBOOK!!!

We at Microsloth sent 50 people out there to purchase a new laptop for less than the price of a Macintosh.
Holy Fuck, not one of them bought a Macintosh. Not one. Amazing,eh?
The all bought a BrandX with Vista.
I don’t know what’s more amazing, finding 50 people who can follow instructions or finding an entire audience too dumb to notice we just told them we make the “cheap” computers.
We only used 50, because we sent 100 people first and TWO of them found some bloody store that sold them Linux boxes and ruined the whole campaign.
So remember people, if you want to buy a computer that isn’t worth as much as a Macintosh, you can’t buy a Macintosh.
–Steve Ballmerde