Looking for a house to rent

I am looking for a 4 -5 bedroom house we cant find anything anywhere…we have pets and children nd have to move by the end of march…n e 1 know where there are any houses?? please post!

even a three beddroom…spacious tho

5 bedroom house is going to cost a fortune.  Unless you get one with mold and rats

yeah we know!! there are 4 adults and we all work and 6 kids!!

Oh my!  that’ll be a full house!  Why not just BUY a house and split it between four adults?!?  It’d be super cheap!  Less than rent.

That makes a lot of sense, but I instantly picture our RBC manager rooting through mountains of paper looking for an excuse to disqualify.
Line 3487 subsection 12 of the 1892 Charter of the CMHC states blah blah blah…

Look in your message box “kelownafaerie” I have an address for you

4 Adults and 6 kids???
For realio?..
Most east indians do that…out of curiosity are you east indian

My guess is 2 married couples, the one couple’s children, and foster children.

Ding ding ding!  Tell the girl what she’s won!! :smiley:

Shes won a trip to…

Rupert oh wait your here arent you!! lol yeah we are not east indian…just a family trying to make the best for the kids…a pool of money is better than a puddle

Thank you we recieved it mymoms gonna look into it!! THanks

Better look at it fast because the tenant is moving today so, it might get taken real quick.