Looking for a duo core cpu an mobo combo

I was wondering if anyone out there had a duo core intel chip an motherboard for sale, looking to build a mid range pc for a friend.

pls excuse my ignorance, I am no tech.

I am using exclusively a laptop now, but I do have my tower that a few techs were very impressed by. I bought the tower off of a guy who custom built it, at the time he put $1200 into it?

Wondering if there may be parts in it that may be of interest to you, don’t know what to do with the tower, wish someone would buy the whole thing.


fire up your tower an connect to the internet an download this
it will give give ya a complete review of whats in the tower.
give me the heads up on the results, but i only need the motherboard and cpu, as my friend has all the other parts ,his motherboard and cpu failed and hes not into building or buying a complete new system when he already has many good parts for a rebuild

I don’t actually have a monitor, keyboard or mouse (wireless, gave to nephew) the tower has been sitting for a almost a year?

Interested in having a peek & making an offer? I won’t be insulted…

Why nt just buy a cpu/board & ram combo from ncix ? cheap cheap… Or ebay…

Duo cores are becoming cheap because they’re already old fashioned.

tigerdirect.com/applications … u=B69-5342


thanx 4 the responses guys. I have talked him into going with a new cpu mobo ram combo solution, that’s what I recommended from the start and he finally came around to the right way of thinking.

i know a guy who has a dual core processor/ram/mobo. all for 125$.