Looking for a dog babysitter for a couple of weeks

Ive gotta come back to go dragging and need someone to take care of my german shepherd, she is very friendly, house trained and loves long walks. Of course I am paying for this service, I just want her as happy as possible so I want to avoid the vet if possible. Would need to be boarded for about two weeks starting wednesday or thurday, we are both in toronto right now but she will be flying in on wednesday or thursday, im flying to port hardy to meet the boat and will be in rupert two to three weeks later. She’s a very nice dog, if your thinking of getting a big dog here’s a chance to test drive the idea for a few weeks, thanks…Chris

Is she okay being left for a work day?  Does she have any experience with kids?  How much are you willing to pay?  Does she like cats? other dogs?

I worked a day job when I wasnt fishing and she was fine so I’m sure she would be ok alone during a work day, i did it when she was a pup, mind you she has had me with her all day for a year straight so she will most likely miss me somewhat. We have always had a cat and a little ankle biter, she has never hurt either of them ever, but she tries to play with them and she’s so big they are somewhat scared of her. I’ll pay whatever the going rate is, I dont know how much that is but i can certainly find out tomorrow.

How is she with other dogs? If she gets along with dogs im sure she would be more than willing to hang out at my house til you are done fishing. The SPCA charges 15$ a day and she could eat my dogs food (its called Horizon, its made in Saskatchewan)I would most likely charge that. If you cant find anyone.

I know I am not being helpful here, but I can’t resist.

Your dog is helluva lot better looking than Keith and probably better behaved too.

Hmm, same guy that was going on about how great it was in Ontario last year, something change? :imp:

Dont get me wrong, I love the hot summers here, love the rock concerts and great shopping, thing is drag fishing pays like no other job, 70k for 5 months work is tough to say no to. That and the fact my family and friends are all there, and I miss them enough I am willing reside in shithole to be back with them, it isnt the city I miss, its the people in it.

You’re in denial, ChrisJ. It’s the same thing, my friend, the same thing.

Haha! Yeah, I suppose your right, I stand corrected.

lbaz1989…check your PM’s

Found a really great home for my girl, big thanks to those who sent me messages and made it easy for me.  :smile: