Looking for a computer to take apart

Hi everyone,

Just had to throw this out there, I’m currently in an online course that requires me to have a computer to be able to take apart with these requirements:
Pentium 4 with 1 gig of RAM, 40 GB HD, 40x CDROM drive with at least a USB 1 connection - I already have the monitor, keyboard and mouse … but just looking for a willing computer to get taken apart and put back together better than humpy dumpty!

if anyone has one they are willing to part with for a decent price, please send me a message


I have one! It has been sitting at Steve’s sisters for a couple of months, not sure of whats in it though, will try and check out tonight, if it has what you are looking for, I have been looking for someone to speed the sucker up for free forever :stuck_out_tongue: haha

You should see the computer I bought last week at the local Goodwill store for 20 bucks.

A red and black case with a windowed side panel showing the works. (Iwould have paid 20 dollars for the empty case, ha ha) And fans with red LEDs. 2.2ghz Athlon processor with a gig of Ram. 200 gig HD. 128mb MSI agp video card. 420 watt power supply. CD drive but the DVD drive was missing.

Sold “AS-IS”. No refunds. Got it home, I was expecting it to be DOA, but it fired right up and said there was no operating system. Turns out, the BIOS got corrupted and wasn’t seeing the hard drive. Easy fix. Now it’s got XP Pro and an ATI 256mb video card. Maybe I’ll turn it into a Linux machine?


Can you use it if the motherboard is fried ?
Think mine is more than your looking for except the mb thing.