Lookie at what's coming our way, a nasty couple of days coming in for a stay!

The legendary rains and wind of November seem to be planning an early arrival as Environment Canada issues a number of weather warnings for the NOrth Coast and Queen Charlotte Islands for Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday and beyond .

With winds of up to 100 km an hour and rainfall amounts of 120 MM during the course of the weather event, indoor activities might be the best plan for the next few days…

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Check any weather graph for PR, October is the wettest month on average.


^I rest my case.

That proves nothing.  Your graph doesn’t even have a unit of measurement or numbers.  I can also produce a climate graph.

Sir, my statistics come directly from Her Majesty the Queen–be careful, you may be tried for Treason.

Cool, Liz has a rain gauge here… thoght I saw that fellow with the big ears writing something down last week…

At any rate, I guess I should thank you for offering up some defence of my offhand commentary on weather systems, was going merely on foggy memories of walking in soaking wet shoes which in my mind always seemed wettest in November.

Shall if really challenged on this seek out official confirmation, until then I’ll leave my observation to that of commentary, and allow you and Dave to duke it out…

Winner gets an official Podunkian post it note, claiming your title as best research assistant for the blog…

May the better research team win… :smiley:

Here you go…not a fancy graph, but a chart that clearly shows October being the wettest month on average.