Look whats coming to Terrace!

Oh Oh, brace yourselves Rupert retailers, the shopping exodus will return on July 19

The Terrace on line site has a story on the pending arrival of Liquidation World.

Check it out here

terracedaily.ca/cgi-bin/show … =undefined

and then check out the store’s website to see what they are all about…


Those dollars are about to leave the city again. better get that shopping village built before its too late… :unamused:

hahaha this isn’t new news… Terrace has been in the works to get that for a long time now.  It’s the same store we were “supposedly” getting in the mall at one point too.

Yes, people of Rupert… please go to Terrace and buy their crap… then come home and bitch about how much money you saved on a crap product, while burning a quarter-tank to get there and back :S

but that the is point, we dont got it and they got it, I would like to see people from terrace down in rupert more if we had it but we dont; so we go there and spend it when they should be coming down here to buy it… ya makes sence right?

After reading more into it once I heard it wasn’t coming into our mall… I’m glad Terrace is getting it and not us.  I’d like to think Rupert is smarter when it comes to buying crap.  Terrace can keep it.

You are a great ambassador for our city. I really, really want to go to your store intsead of all the way to Terrace to get my crap locally. :smile:

Shop where you want to shop… it’s fully up to you.  Maybe I don’t want you in my store :stuck_out_tongue:

And you should really learn to read sarcasm… it’s a great thing to know. :smiley:

ditto for you!!

Well that’s nice and all, but that’s a store you visit because you happen to be in Terrace. Since you can’t ever know exactly what is going to be in the store it’s not the kind of store that draws you to Terrace.

Keep in mind that Rupert people will always shop in Terrace, if for no other reason than to get out of town for a day.

Terrace is a hellhole. And you know how I feel about hellholes.

Liquidation World! Terrace.  Plan  less time people, it really sucks. Really bad and “LOUD PA” system means you can’t think or talk. Was looking for Cookware, electronics and furnture, didn’t buy a damn thing and left early.  Good luck.

Yeah it’s no shopping nirvana that’s for sure.

My favourtie part of a recent stop there was the display of packages with all Chinese characters on them, not a clue what was being sold in side but the letters sure looked pretty…


The gf was convinced that the $9 paint at Liquidation world was a good buy, so she picked a color swatch and got them to mix it up. She painted one wall of my bathroom and it dried to a undeniable “Institutional Green”. Not even close to the swatch we still have.
So she had to buy two $45 cans of paint at Macleods, the first one wouldn’t hide the hospital colour…

The one in PG has a huge display of stuff with the Radio Shack labelling. 75% off the stickered price. Now you can buy 10,000 useless “indoor UHF antennas” for what their true market value circa 1970 if you want to.

I did buy a 2 pronged cork-puller there for 69c and stock up on 7/16 wrenches, red robertsons, needle-nose pliers and wirecutters, cuz I tend to lose half a dozen in the snow each winter.
Lure yourself a Princess Auto (Tim Allen’s MensWorld), way cooler junk.

Princess Auto is my favourite store in the world :wink:

200 guys in plaid going “huh! Huh! Look a 340hp windshield-wiper motor replacement only $9…”