Long-weekend poll

Hi all-

Once again we’re taking a break from active news-gathering and asking our fantastic readers what they think about a random issue in a poll. Call it journalistic laziness if you will - we’re calling it an early long weekend.

The question is: what should be done with the empty Dairy Queen building? Vote here: muskegnews.com/poll-dairy-queen-building

And have a great long weekend!


-Muskeg News

Never been in it so i don’t know how big it is but how bout a indoor mini-golf?  Some other family related things.  Nothing here in the North to take your kids too now the waterslides in Lakelse are closed, it could be a draw. 

Wasn’t there an indoor mini golf in cow bay at one point?

Club Fore used to be located where NCMMA is now, next to Entire Automotive in the alley.  It was incredibly popular during the winter when the golf course was closed (the virtual golf screens)  and she served the best soup ever!!! :smile:

OK, but what to do in the old Dairy Queen?


Nah Bubba, gotta be a QUIZNOS, please  :smiley:

oooh that would be good too.

How bout, split the building in half, do half dominos and half quizznos?

HaHa, works for me but then I’d have all these decisions to make and I am tooooo old for all that stress !

well a while back they kicked out the shop that was down below ,  I thought that part of the building was being condemed but who knows they should tear it down build somthing new .

Don’t we have enough pizza joints happening and at least three places already to buy subs?  Yet i can’t think of anything other than the pool to do for fun since the bowling alley closed.  Hey, a bowling alley!  and minature golf?  and a waterslide thrown in!  I guess it would be a worthy discussion if something was actually going to happen in there but i doubt it.