Login problems? Read this

  • If your account isn’t working, you probably need to reset your password.

  • If you no longer have access to the e-mail address associated with your account, you can either create a new account, or e-mail me (miguel@menino.com) and I can reset your account manually.

  • If you’ve previously marked e-mail from HTMF as “spam” then HTMF will never e-mail you again. This means, obviously, that you can’t reset your password via e-mail. So please don’t do this.

Here’s how to reset your password. Click “login” (top right corner)

Then click on “I forgot my password.”

A few people are trying to reset their passwords, but the system won’t deliver e-mail to them to reset them. If this applies to you, e-mail me directly: miguel@menino.com and I can help you out.

This is happening because some people have marked previous e-mails from HTMF as spam. Once that happens, HTMF will never e-mail you again. Period. This includes password reset e-mails.

So either you can register with another e-mail address, or I can change your account’s e-mail address to something else. E-mail me directly and I can do this for you.