Location, Location, Location

Want a room or two with a view? Then this little fixer upper in Oakville might be to your liking. mls.ca/PropertyDetails.aspx? … ID=4550772

Listed at only 45 million dollars, Edgemere Estate now has the distinction of being Canada’s most expensive house ever listed with the MLS feature of Canadian real estate.

With thirty rooms and seven fireplaces the place just smells of oppulence. And speaking of smells, with seventeen washrooms, no one will ever get caught waiting to use the can. And for those drudgery filled days of laundry, there is a fourty five million dollar view from the laundry room.

thestar.com/NASApp/cs/Conten … &t=TS_Home

If you’re looking for a negotiating chip with the owners, perhaps you could mention that that the seawall needs a little work as does the boat house. Who knows if you stick to your guns you could knock the price down to 44.5!

Wow that realtor is going to get a pretty nice chunk of change when that puppy sells.

Ahh, but you’d have to live in Ontario.