Local Inland Air gets National Spotlight

Inland Air will be showcased tonight, November 20th on the CBC television show The Big Decision at 9pm. What will Dragon Jim Treliving decide?

Sorry to hear they didn’t get Jim’s investment.

I almost cried when they never got Jim’s Investment… Wonderful scenery of the area!!

The investment would have been nice but they did end up benefitting from the show. National exposure, help with marketing and a fresh business idea which resulted in an agreement with Lakelse helicopters. Go Spirit Wind!

I know they will do better in the future, but Jim just couldn’t see himself helping with 500k, as is would take maybe 10 yrs to benefit him. They also said that they are 1 million in debt, not sure how you get out of something like that.

It’s a "semi-reality: TV show: Inland air is not in need of so much money and is not in a huge amount of debt and is NOT going out of business

A million in debt?

Is that even 1 airplane?