LNG Pipe Dreams

I’m glad that we are getting a few new moderate size industrial investments on Ridley island ,but it makes me wonder how many smaller potential industries got scared away from the big LNG lies in the process ,I’m more than a few because they figured they would not be able to compete with the LNG companies for the needed land or construction availability. LNG lies have hurt us in more ways then one.

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Grant G and The Straight Goods nailed it again…

Here is what I wrote in April 2017

"Aurora LNG…which is owned by Nexen…Nexen is owned by CNOOC…
CNOOC is in economic trouble…CNOOC posted its first ever year over year money loss, the first time since launching as a company in 2001…
“China’s biggest offshore explorer, Cnooc Ltd., may report Thursday its first annual loss since its Hong Kong trading debut in 2001. Net income is forecast to have swung to a 3.22 billion yuan loss, according to the mean estimate of 10 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg.”

in this post…

Sorry folks…BC Liberals gave you false hope…over promised by gobs…BC’s LNG fable dies 2 years ago when I wrote that Petronas was gone…

Anywho…I wish you fine folk the best…time to move on and forget about LNG

You don’t care about Northwest or Northeast BC. So don’t pretend that you do.


not true Gracies_mom

I’m a realist, an accurate realist…

It saddens me that the ousted BC Liberal government continued on with the LNG pipe dream years after it died…yes, there was an initial buzz…but it died in 2014/2015…everything after that was white noise, spin and bluster…The trillion dollar lie…

Don’t shoot the messenger…be well friends,

Ya what ever. Funny how the US is able to build multiple export facilities to export their LNG.

USA built at brownfield sites, not greenfield…and, it’s not certain they are making any money…I wrote plenty on the issue of Brownfield versus greenfield…project costs in brownfield 40% cheaper to build…

Even the NDP said LNG is not dead, and it’s here to stay.


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what did you expect a government to say?..that LNG is dead n buried…stock answer…until economics and structural glut is resolved…BC LNG is dead…

Embrace something realistic.
Like a cannabis strain that thrives in the rain…


I’m far more interested in the number of smaller projects that are starting to pop up. We’ve lived through what happens when you put all your financial eggs into one industry. I’ll take a bunch of smaller projects over one big mega LNG plant any day.


Suggestion: step one would be to go for a Downtown Improvement infrastructure grant. You need it.
It’ll will paint a brighter picture for investors.


The mayor replaced several stretches of sidewalk along 3rd avenue.

The Mayor did not replace the sidewalk. Sounds like you blame the Mayor when there are city councillors involved as well.

Not sure what you’re on about…

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He did? Does he scream when you walk on him?


nah he is under a plate glass window because he wants to be more transparent :slight_smile: since they have less open councils meetings lately and do more in council