Live up north - where is Arrow Point and how does it tie into Lax Kw alaams?

Hi I live quite a bite farther north and have been reading about Arrow
Point.  Is it on the Tsimshian Peninsula?  Southwest, Southeast?

Is there a road to Arrow Point from Port Simpson?  How would it connect into the airport?  Where would the bridge be from Rupert to the airport?  Can someone provide a link to a map of all this?  Thank you.

Aero Point, is a the northern tip of Kaien Island and the closest point to Lax there is in Prince Rupert.  I’m not sure how familiar you are with the city of Prince Rupert, but it’s the point just north of the Seaplan Base/Coast Gaurd Base and located in behind the curling rink.

The idea is the Lax ferry would run from a new dock at Aero Point to the existing dock at the top of Tuck Inlet.  You would still have to drive from the Tuck Inlet dock to Port Simpson.  However, the actually ferry ride would be cut in half, as the sailing distance would be greatly shortened.

Aero Point may at some time tie into the airport (YPR), as there has been some talk of a road that would run from the Tuck Inlet ferry dock to a point somewhere on the southwestern shore of the Tsimshian Peninsula, then you would need to add a bridge, or another ferry to get from there to Digby Island where the airport is located.

That paints a more improved picture for me.  Where is Aero Point in relation to Cow Bay?  I’ve landed at the seaplane base to the northeast of town.  Is that anywhere near Aero Point?  Thanks for helping paint a clearer picture of this!

If you’ve landed at the seaplane base, you’re basically at Aero Point.  Aero Point, is the point directly north of the seaplane base.

As for Cow Bay, it’s roughly 4 km southwest of Aero Point along the waterfront.

You would have landed at Seal Cove then if you arrived by seaplane, Cow Bay is the touristy district just off the downtown core to the east.

Thanks that gives me the entire picture.  I hope this plan moves along.  Does the ferry from Tuck Inlet carry freight trailers?  Or is it mainly for passengers? 

More questions because I’ve never traveled near the Tsimshian Peninsula by surface - have only flown over it.