Little Mosque on the Prairie

This show looks promising. It is coming out on CBC on the 29th (or approximate date) as many of you may already know.

“You look like a Protestant”!

and I hear NBCs thinking of bringing back The Bionic Woman!

i wanna see this show it looks funny

It was a very funny debut, I see that the CBC has comitted for at least eight episodes that will at least take it through the rest of the current season. Hope that they keep up the good writing and strong character delivery.  We can find a lot of things that the CBC don’t do right, but sometimes they do ok, Intelligence, Rick Mercer and such come to mind.

If they work this one right it could very well be their next big hit and even better may find some success outside our borders. It has that kind of universal appeal that should find a home.

There were some pretty good lines through the half hour, they took on a number of stereotypes head on and could get some good laughs out of them, which is half the battle when it comes to these kinds of tv shows.

If you missed the debut tonight, it’s on again on Wednesday night (its regular night) at 8 pm, well worth checking out…