Literacy in Prince Rupert

Has anyone seen this sign on Wantage Road?
It’s reading week now and so,  can someone tell me what’s wrong with this sign?

Isn’t ILLEAGAL a sick bird?

This is very suspicous.

You would suspect that a graffiti artist would have obliterated the offending letter by now, but then again, they are probably not the most astute bunch.

Maybe the library needs to be open more days

What the?  “Two” misspelled words, and “no” greengrocers apostrophe’s?

:smiley: :imp:


Eagle, not eagal…


I would be curious to know who painted this sign.  Next time someone walks that way, please look to see if the ‘artist’ did (or should I say: dared) write his/her name…and let us know so that we may appoint a tutor from the local library.  By the way, do we still have adult reading classes in this town…sorry 'City"?

Good thing this sign is on Wantage Road (where it truly belongs) and not at Cow Bay where every debarking tourist would bend in half with laughter.

Good “think” it’s probably just a typo.

But two typos on the same sign is just sloppy.

Where is it on Wantage Road?  I’ll go snap a photo on the way to work tomorrow.

Just past the Oldfield Creek Hatchery


And here you are correcting whoever made the sign… :unamused:

out sourcing at its finest!

I guess it’s the Frenchman in me that did it.
I meant: passed



 :wink: Good thing the tax payers didn’t have to pay for it  :wink:

Tee hee.

Hilarious.  :lol:

I don’t blame you…it is quite “hilarious”…will someone instruct me in the proper spelling/usage of the following three words or spelling forms:




Always eager to learn

past…as in ‘beyond’…that’s it

Pass: Would you hurry up and pass that guy, he’s driving way too slow!

Past: He pressed the gas petal down and sped past the slow driving man.

Passed: She passed him the CD case that was sitting in the back seat.