Lions announce cancellation of Seafest Gardens

As residents from around the northwest prepare for Prince Rupert’s annual Seafest celebration from June 9-12, organizers of one of the weekend’s larger and more popular events announced on May 24 that it won’t be returning in 2011. … 30689.html

wow this is really too bad! with the expansion projects; i’ve seen flyers for for security guard training from those groups (employment services) where social services pays for the training. The posters have been up for a while there must be 20 or so people that have this training already?

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Herb Caen

Just because there are people who have the security training, doesn’t mean those people will want to be security for a bunch of rowdy idiots LOL. Our club used to do security, ages ago, for the beer gardens, it’s a tough job. And often times, people don’t want to step up to the plate to volunteer, for anything, not just the beer gardens. That’s what happens when you rely on people who aren’t getting paid to do work…

So a local employment service offered BST? I did not know that…

The reality is you cannot rent a real mall cop for free.

It’s no great loss, there are enough places to go have beers and visit down town, to me that beer garden was getting pretty ‘old’ anyway…

Yeah, I somewhat feel the same way. Even though Seafest always falls on my birthday. The first time I went to beer gardens, was likely the last time.

The lack of revenue for the lions club is somewhat disappointing though.