Linux Tutorial

I’m looking for someone to give a one hour (or so) tutorial on my Ubuntu 8.10 . I know  10.4 will be available soon but I have a few General Questions regarding linux .

Just type

sudo shred /dev/sda && sudo shred /dev/hda

enter your password and you will find the secret.

but in all seriousness just ask and if I have time I will answer.

the word shred is obvious :smile: thats like FORMAT c: /s q/ u


no shred makes shredder come out and tell you how to use the linux.


Nah… I need someone to spend some time at my terminal.

Too many questions to go at it in this forum.

ASS HOLE! … ith_shred/

don’t listen to joel.

Ask away.  What do you want to know?  Several members here use Ubuntu.

Even 8.04…  :smiley:

Thanks for the heads up jase…much appreciated.

Can you give me a link ( or provide a few lines of text) regarding the term " too big adjustment 32" .

After realizing how well Rhythm Box works ( for my needs!),  I thought I’d try to load Itunes on to my computer( for a laugh) so that I wouldn’t have to throw out my itouch ( got it  a few years ago,) This " too big…" thing came up in my system log (?).

If I find a reasonable facsimile to the itouch that works well with Rhythm Box, please let me know. I’m done with this proprietary stuff. Actually, I shouldn’t have even worded My last request like that. I know there’s better devices out there.

I’m starting to rant!

I’ve gone to Ubuntu help, but they tend to talk in terms I’m not well versed in.

ON htmf, letting it all show, here’s my request: Can you explain this term ( too big adjustment 32) to me as though I were a monkey?

what about ubuntu forums ? they are really good with helping people. I have a friend that i converted his laptop to, and he uses his ipod on it and it works fine.


I’ve been trying the forums but they are quick to lose me in their language. I should buy an ergonomic chair and settle in for a long ‘Ubuntu help’ session. Start from scratch and actually attempt to learn the language.

Thanks J’

If you google the term too big adjustment 32 you’ll get lots of hits.  It seems to be a bug that is happening with intel sound cards.  This issue is not specific to Ubuntu; I read that people running Red Hat, Gentoo, and Mandriva are also having this issue.
To fix this issue you will need to become familiar with some of the terminology that the Ubuntu people are throwing at you.  Perhaps someone here running Ubuntu may choose to help you.  Good luck!

Google Linux is a great place to search for answers.

google = answers for every thing :smile:

Some one could also ssh into your box to if you wish.!


I just installed suse 11.3 its pretty nice on a dual 23" lcd setup.

Yeah, the new version of openSUSE looks sweet indeed, very polished!  :sunglasses:

Just about to install Mandriva 2010 powerpack, looks nicer than suse.

I’ll be curious to hear what you think about it, jase.  I last used Mandriva back at version 2006, it was a solid distro.  :smile:

Always handy: … at-sheets/

I actually like it better than suse, it loads faster its nicer to use, for some one that wants to learn and use it, its very easy and straight forward to setup, install, configure.

Screen shot,

xmms… really? wow.  You haven’t tried Rhythm box i take it?