Linux Project?

Would anyone be interested in writing a monitor program for my big wireless Lan:

  1. Need to monitor a LAN class C, prefer a web-based interface. Want to be able to call it up and see:
    every active IP and the traffic use at that time (of each). Need to be able to single out the infected dipshits who are choking the whole network and cut off their access. Also need to spot people who aren’t supposed to be on there so we can triangulate and send Uncle Guido to visit them

Interested? If you’re able and willing I can convince my partners into paying for the setup-installation… if it’s reasonable

BTW: sysem is RedHat 7.2 based NAT/DNS router.

If you get stuck and can’t find anyone to write your monitoring software, try OpenNMS. It’s open source, free, and hella configurable.

Is it a full version Redrat system? Or just the kernel with some NAT/DNS wrapped around it?

Is the system itself the wireless router/AP? How many NIC’s does it have installed? If a router I’m imagining at least 2. Forgot to add does this box run DHCP as well? Which version?

You can use MRTG but you have to be running SNMP on the box to be able to query for the right info. This will allow you to create a nice BW usage graph for each interface in the box.

But that is for per interface stats only, not per IP stats, which might be a little harder to get.

As for spotting people that are on your wireless that are not supposed to be, well how about ARP table manipulation? You should know the MAC’s of all the machines on the LAN and with some simple shell/perl you might be able to do some funky things there. I dont have a linux machine to see how arp behaves compared to all the BSD stuff I have here.

But to triangulate on someone, well that might be a little hard would it not?

I’m sure someone out there has probably already thought of all this and has something already brewed up. Just have to find it.

Google is our Friend…

Agreed, google is the best friend I have ever had…sigh :stuck_out_tongue:

i haven’t even had time to set up a machine to play with Mandrake yet. I have no time… i do the work of 5 people in the time of 2 people for the paychek of 1/3 of one… i’d be expected to do it for free.