Linux In school? … =196601151

Nifty. Wonder if it will become more like this.

Yep, I think so.  Linux is slowly getting a foothold in the educational system.  Many versions of Linux are easy to configure and children are not intimidated by technology.  Once SCO is finished off for good then IBM, Novell, and the Linux community in general will have solid growth.  This will of course be a gradual evolution.  I also see good growth for other *nixes: OS X, Unix, BSD.

ubuntu is getting so popular now.

I’ve got 6 Ubuntu 6.06 LTS boxes at work, they’re great.  Set em up and they just work. :smiley:

Wonder how well Ubuntu will work on a Dual zeon 2.0 system.  Will there be any issues do you think ?

That is very easy to check without damaging your system.  Just pop in a desktop Ubuntu iso and boot it up.  You can boot the iso as a live CD without installing the distro.  Then you can see if the CD detects your video card, sound card, NIC.  If everything works okay then you can click on the install icon on your desktop. If things go awry then just shut down the computer and your OS remains untouched.
Just to be safe you can also go on-line and check your hardware compatibility at the Ubuntu site; they also have great forums.

We have 3 Ubuntu boxes and a Windows 2000 box in our public cafe. Guess which one gives ALL the problems?
If you have a printer connected to an XP box, the Ubuntu boxes find and share it in about three steps and 30 seconds. With Win2K, forget it…

There wont be a problem with dual xeon’s other hardware maybe.

I’ll try the live cd i was gong to try that any way. I think i might have problems as it has scsi as the main drive.

That should be fine.  I’ve run Ubuntu 6.06 on my main box at home with a scsi drive with no problems. :smiley: