Linux - Firefox

Ive been searching for a few hours now, and looking through the help system in Mandrivia / Linux. For the life of me i can’t figure out how to enable the spell checker like you can in windows / mac for Firefox. Any one know how to do this or have simular problem ?

Maybe the version of FF that ships with Mandriva is a bit older.  I’m using FF on all of my Linux boxes and spell check works.
Maybe try downloading the newest tar ball from Mozilla and install FF  The instructions for doing that are at the site.

Saweet, installed so easy to install, very similar to osx :smile:

Glad you got it working. :smiley:

I’ve been running FF 3 Alphas since their release with hardly any problems. Running 3.0a3 right now–waaaaay faster than the 2.0 series.

Cool. :sunglasses:
Have you noticed any stability issues?  Bugs?

Occasionally… but same with the stable Firefox branch too. I’d say they’re equal in stability.

Although alpha 1 had a nasty bug that made it crash when I tried to type letters into the “Find in Page” box… but it was just so much faster that I learned not to use that feature :smile:

Alpha 3 rocks though. A lot of the extension don’t work, because they don’t list alpha 3 as compatible. But if you go into your ~/.mozilla/firefox//extensions//install.rdf files, and find the line that says something about “firefox max version” or similar, you can bump it up from “2.*” to “3.0” and it’ll work.

Thanks for the review, rangerwreck; I love learning new things about FF! :smiley: