Lime Wire

Has Lime Wire been shut down?  I cannot seem to get it to look up anything…

I know about the new law, but never thought it was in affect…

Anyone else still using Lime Wire? 

Thanks for any help…

Just to let you know I just downloaded a song

thanks must be something wrong here as I cannot get a thing

your limewire has expired that’s all just download the newer one…

tried that and still nothing…

I only get one idea a day, so I cant help ya … :smiley:

I had issues with limewire at one point in time.
I just gave up using the program, there are better ones out there.

Hey which one are you using ???

It’s called Emule.

Hey bubbasteve735 are you using Vista for emule ?? Im having problems getting it

Sorry its ok I got it now thank you though

Nope, I refused to have anything to do with vista.  :smiley:

I found that if I ran LimeWire on Vista, I couldn’t even load a web page while it ran!
Seemed to hog 99% of all the incoming bandwidth.
Is that what was happening to you too?

Frostwire is a good program for downloading music :imp:

I use soulseek with peerguardian to block any baddies :smile:

Torrents    Nuf Said.


show off, i still don’t understand news groups, i have tried them but all i see is p@rn … :smiley:

See Mike,  Torrents,  far less chance to get a virus or spyware,  and even less chance for getting Porn,  ( accidently that is ).  And so so easy to use.

I admit that newsgroups might be a little more complex than limewire, but they are just as easy as torrents.

A torrent is no more or less secure than a newsgroup download and I’m not sure I understand how you can accidentally get porn…lol