Like Santa Claus, the Harper Conservatives are checking their list

As the Federal Government makes its plans to try and spend the nation out of the oncoming recession/depression (depending on which financial guru or writer you consult), Prince Rupert can take some solace in the idea that we’ve cracked the top twenty to do’s for Mr. Harper and his Ministers.

The Daily News outlined our lofty place as number seventeen on their list of jobs to be done (pending financial abilities we assume) as the Phase Two portion of the Fairview Container Port marks its spot on the priority list for the Federal Government.

That would seem to be good news one would think, placing us on the radar as they say of federal funding, but interestingly enough at the moment its a similar project ranked as number forty that seems to be attracting the bulk of the cash flow, all be it from the Provincial government, as the Delta port expansion project picks up some 650 million dollars in support from Gordon Campbell’s Liberal government…

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