Lights on at the old Fast Gas

When is the grand opening???

i’ve been told that for the first little while they will only be selling disel and propane as forms of fuel.  [/quote]

Are propane fueled vehicles common there?

They used to be,light to medium duty  trucks, taxis, less so now, you have to use the vehicle a lot to see any savings on a conversion.
Nothing is far in Prince Rupert.

Finally!  I hate driving downtown to get a snack.  Long live the pepperoni cheese bread!!!

We would like to offer a lunch menu that a person could check off the items they might like and then fax the page in to the store or drop it off the day before and we would then bag up your lunch for you to pick up in the morning. ( open 7:00AM to 10:00PM) There might be a choice of 6 sandwiches, some muffins, pop, chips, smokes, veggie tray, fruit, whatever you might like. The prices would be on the menu so you can figure out what the cost is and be ready in the morning. You can drive in, pick up your lunch, grab a coffee (Van Houtte) and on to work. We might do it for chicken dinner orders on the way home too. Pre-order for pick up. We will see how it goes. The pepperoni sticks are a must. We tested out the oven the other day and I can understand why everyone likes them so much. We have our original baker (Patsy)working there as well so if you liked it before, you will like it again. I am really looking forward to the opening day. It looks like it might be within two weeks? We will let everyone know by putting the opening day in the papers. By the way, thanks for the comments, we really appreciate your support. Steve.

w000000000 sweet!!  Breakfast on the way to work when I house-sit!!!

In PG gas=$1.039L Propane=42.9 - 45.9
Here in the Fort and in Hooterville they were gouging 70.9 - 72.9L for propane until last week, so I would drive all the way to PG (175 kms) to fill the big tank in the work truck.
(Not just to get propane - I have to take a vehicle there every other week anyways)

Oh yeah, you fellas have a GREAT plan and I wish you the best of luck !!  I love the menu idea, it is a nice touch and  so convenient for the consumer.  Will you have your own website and the possibility of ordering through that?  Van Houtte coffee, fantastic…Can’t wait… :smiley:

how about mini pizza fresh made in that oven?

Request from the Family,  The kids would like a you to have a slurpy machine.  And the wife would like to see ice cream,  hard ice cream. Me I am just happy you will have coffee.

Mini pizza’s are going to be available.

The slurpy machine is coming. Blue rasberry and cappaccino? SP? To start. Mini pizzas are on the menu and there will be two ice cream freezers, Nestles and Breyers. I don’t think there will be cones to start. We don’t have the right kind of freezer for it. There will be things like fudgesickles, popsickles, drumsticks, etc. Sure could have used them today. Steve.

thats crazy so when does it open? lol

OK Steve… I am getting tired of driving by at lunch looking to see if your open. Dam it your making me hungry with your posts :smile:

Do you have a date for us? I am getting tired of driving through town from work looking for lunch. :frowning:

When does the store open because I love blue rasberry slurpee

I talked tio the owners and they said they are not going to have gas available

The Park Ave. Corner Store will be open for business, Monday, Aug. 24/09. Hope to see you then. Steve.

There’s a LastGasp (sorry Fast Gas) store in the Fort the owners wish to unload. Walled the premises in two so there’s gas station/convenience store and equipment for a restaurant - drive thru on the other. Right across from the main park…
Only 10-12 yrs old, cheep. They want to leave the area… really bad!