Lights on at the old Fast Gas

There is activity at the old Fast Gas at Smithers and Park.  Anyone know what the scoop is.  I sure miss having access to gas and lotto there.  I’m x-ing my fingers it’s not another beer and wine store.  I’m hoping for gas, lotto, coffee and cornerstore fare.

I talked to someone a couple of days ago who is friends with the owners and was told that they are opening it up as a gas station once again…not sure what brand but i’ve been told that for the first little while they will only be selling disel and propane as forms of fuel.  I am sure the store will be well stocked once again especially with the amount of room they have in there  :smiley:

hopefully they get the bakery going for us hungry longshoremen

I was under the impression that they had dugup the underground tanks. I seem to remember a gas station where Tims is no. Am I correct?

prolly why they are just selling propane and diesel to start  :wink:

It was Kaien Kar Kare…I think it was a Shell station.

I hope they call it the  “Pump’n’Grind”

pung and grind would be some great uniforms lol

Who will be running it ?

I heard that Steve Finnegan is tying to get the place up and running… Heard no gas just a store… That is what I heard

Thx for all the responses.  There is a flury of activity now.  I can hardly wait to have something there again.  If it’s Pump and Grind, hopefully it will be a bit more “upscale” than 7-11 and offer a place to sit and drink the grind.  It would be nice if they provide more than deep fried and sandwiches for the food.  So many possiblities.  Lotto would be great too.  I used to frequent Fast Gas for all my lotto and gasoline - I always found them to be very friendly.

The paper recently had a story that said there won’t be a gas bar there, just a convenience store with in house bakery… so you may still have to make the lenghty commute to get your gas :wink:

thats all i want there bakery and the convenience store . be nice if it was like copperside foods in terrace with thier prepared foods

I am looking forward to it…!!I live in the east end of town but I would gladly walk down there if they sell those wonderful pepperoni-cheese filled breadstix  :smiley:  I love Copperside too…Last stop before the highway home and always try and grab one of their Greek salads…Awesome, huge and good price…

The DN said Ian Harris was also involved or a partner with Finnegan,If those two are running the store, there won’t be much stock on the top shelves, unless they hire a big person. 

I wonder if they may be ready to hire someone my height? Both good guys who I would gladly work for especially in this situation I find myself in,welfare sucks.

Shit speaking of welfair,

Shit speaking of welfair I was in there the other day bringing in some papers for a girlfriend and there was this lady there pissed out of her mind waiting for a voucher, being real loud and abusive to the staff. I do not unde4rstand how they will give someone like that a voucher do they not know she will most probably leave with it and sell it for a few bucks less. My girlfriends always seem to be punished for having to ask for what they are deserving of buy law. But at the S&A they have a warning that if you have been drunk or high with in the last 24, you may not enter there wankie store where all the wierd ones work.

Steve Finnigan & Ian Harris are indeed starting up the old Park Ave. corner store. There will be no gas or deisel, just propane for tanks, not automotive. There is a sani-dump and air available at the side of the building. There will be baked chicken, (not fried) the deep frier is coming out. The baked goods will include all the old items such as the peperroni bread sticks w/ cheese, muffins, cookies, bread, kaiser buns, sandwhiches, etc. There will be all the usual convenience store items such as pop, chips, smokes, lotto, keno, ice cream and all the dairy products. We will add more stock as time goes by and there is a demand for certain items. We will also be offering a lunch menu that can be filled out the day before and faxed in or dropped off so that you can pick up your lunch on the way to work. We are not too sure what sort of demand there may be for things like soup to go along with the sandwiches but, as I said, if there is a demand, we will provide it. So, if there is anything you would like to see, let us know and it may be there when we open. Steve.

when are you opening? and if you have the store like b4 with the bakery etc and along the lines of copperside for lunch items . you’ll get a lot of us long shoreman in there. just make sure your open for 7am on ship days  :smiley:

Congratulations Fellas!!!  I know you will be very successful and I will be in for sure for the old cheese and pep breadstix.  Thanks for bringing those back… :smiley: