Lightning USB for iPhone 5 / iPad 4 / iPad mini / iPod Touch

Hey I have a bunch of these that I ordered by mistake. They’re no-name brand Lightning USB cables for iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, and the new iPod Touch.

If you want one (or more), let me know. $8.00, including shipping anywhere in Canada. Paypal or other online payment only.


Same ones I just got in.
From Powah-Noh?

Nope, mine are from “Selina She.” Probably the same factory, though.

Thanks to those who’ve replied, I’ve sent out a bunch. Anybody else want one?

Ah. Another supplier also called flogging these: Syvia. I guess her Mom couldn’t pronounce the L …

Tempting since I do plan to upgrade to the 5S when it gets released