Lighting of the NW Games Torch tonight @ 5pm

A great family event tonight at the Civic Centre front entrance, lots of school kids are involved in the “torch” relay. Hot dogs and Hot Chocolate served by the Rampage!

I drove by it tonight, it’s not lit…  :frowning:

It was lit.  They will re-light it in February, when the games are on.

Well what the hell is the point of that?? :unamused:

Okay, lets have this huge lighting ceremony… and then blow the fricken thing out… Doesn’t that defeat the purpose??? LOL

I think Michael will do anything for a party and celebrate.

It’s doing the flame relay marathon to Port Edward and back.

Beware of the flame!

I brought my marshmallows and weinies and it wasn’t lit so I ate them anyway and then had to work out on the FAB outdoor gym… :unamused:  LOL