Liberals find bounce back amid political turmoil

Christy Clark’s, return to provincial politics is proving to be a timely re-entry.

The former deputy Premier and controversial education minister entered the race for the Liberal leadership this week, providing for one of the highest profiles in the race thus far.

Leaving behind for now the life of a CKNW talk show host, Clark revealed her intentions on Wednesday confirming one of the worst kept secrets around Victoria these days (and there have been a few secrets over the last few weeks) and launched the campaign that she hopes will bring her to the Premiership when the Liberals gather to name the replacement for Gordon Campbell.

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The Liberals have their base support back now that Campbell is gone; this is very good news for the Liberals. I am hopeful that the NDP will elect a strong leader. I predict that the upcoming election will be a hard fought, very close contest. Interesting times ahead. :smile: