Liberals and Cutbacks

So here we go once more with Gordo and the chop block with so very important ministries, first health and then Child Welfare. They did this same shit when they first took office years ago and they shut down one group home, a teen mom program and the ReConnect Program , then cut staff. The health ministry was also cut back and that was programs and also staff. They have been suffering ever since and now they do it once more, good staff and the children will be getting the butt end of their joke. I say it is due to their bullshit spending on raises and these crappy games coming in January or Feb. to Whistler. We and our great grandchildren will be paying Gordo’s bill for years to come. I question why no part of media has called the liberals on the BC Rail dirty job and the fact that all or much of the papers were destroyed via Shredder. Gordo and the Libs. have lied to the people once again during their campaign and now they begin to ruin us all the more.

We’re dealing with tough economic times right now, so either cuts have to be made, or taxes have to be raised.  Personally, I think we pay enough in taxes already.  You can’t expect the gov’t to pay for everything.

But we do expect that they manage fiscally and be there serving in our best interests. Not happening. How come we don’t cut the wages for the MLA’s or at least some of their $$ perks?

Well I do wish someone would let Gordo know that so he will keep his change purse closed. I still belive they should be challenged regarding BC Rail and all the other crooked stuff they have done and are doing. All their spending sure does not tell us it is tough times for the Capitalists with the red ties and sweaters.

We’re dealing with tough economic times right now, so either cuts have to be made, or taxes have to be raised.  Personally, I think we pay enough in taxes already.  You can’t expect the gov’t to pay for everything.

I would rather see the olympics cancelled completely, than one dollar taken out of health care.[/quote]

I agree with your Olympics comment.  I know that there will be an influx of people for that, what it is, two week span and I would venture to say that they will be contributing to our economy but the price that we have paid and will pay for that far exceeds any financial gain in the long term.  It is ridiculous when you hear of the cutbacks, when family members are losing their jobs, when we can’t raise our minimum wage to that of most of the other provinces and so on.  Don’t even mention our health care services or welfare roles.  That service needs a total overhaul for sure.  I remember back when it was announced that we had indeed been granted the “honor” of hosting the games and I really couldn’t and still don’t understand the enthusiasm for it.  I hope there won’t be any snow…Am I bad?    :confused:

I hope there won’t be any snow…Am I bad?     :?[/quote]

This is just bad thinking. We will be paying and paying for these Olympics whether you or I want them or not. For what we are paying I hope these are the best damn Olympics ever held. Otherwise, it’s an even bigger waste of our money.

… and we’re paying for it through less health care!

I suppose that’s the attitude to have when it’s a done deal.

Chicago is a finalist for the 2016 summer games.  I hope the IOC rejects the bid.

  It may be the attitude we SHOULD have, but when you live in a town that is crying out for doctors and housing and a detox center, then you have to sit back and weigh the pros and cons whether it be a done deal or not.  It was not a wise decision but at the time, I suppose, it pumped up the already over-inflated egos of the Liberal party members.  I do agree with CrazyMike that since they are here, they had better be the best damn games there has ever been but time will tell.  Right now, there is a great deal of worry and anger here in BC.  Good Luck Louie  :smiley:

Rupert is crying out for housing??? since when half the classified ads are places for rent! Yes we need doctors…but the detox thing is debatable.

BC could be worse!!!  Imagine if Bush was the boss  :imp:

I’m excited about the games…even though they’re costing us a fortune - it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see them held so close to home, might as well embrace it:)

And should the Olympic Circus come here Cody I’m sure I’ll do my share of bitchin’, because it’s a guarateed money loser for the host cities.  And your correct to note that all it seems to be good for is giving those “already over-inflated egos” something to strut before the cameras about.

You guys should be posting signs at the dock to try and entice American doctors (they’re mostly already rich) to relocate to your beautiful corner of the globe.  Oh to be financially independent in Prince Rupert!

As you know we gots lots of doctors.  It’s health insurance more and more of us lack.

I’m not against venting and I’m certainly not happy that we’re paying for the Olympics. Especially when the economy just fell to shit. The problem is, there is no stopping this situation. So since we have to pay for them, we had better hope for the best Olympics ever. At least then there might be some kind of gain for the province.

Iwould like to see an independant analysis that addresses the question.
If we cancelled the olympics right now what would the cost be as opposed to the cost of following through and holding the olympic???

I think it is affordable housing that one of the prev posters was referring too.