LGBTQ community in Prince Rupert

Is there any visible LGBTQ presence in Prince Rupert? ie. gay bar, meetups, events and the like… or even a Facebook page?

My googling has revealed that there was once a Queer Youth Alliance in town that doesn’t seem to exist anymore…

You might try contacting your MLA Jennifer Rice. She will probably have a pretty good idea of what, if anything, is going on in the LGBTQ community.

I never thought of that. Thanks for the heads up! I guess I’ll start my own Facebook group…

You can also contact the Northern Health office, Friendship House and even the college should have resources for you. Good Luck !

Charles Hays Secondary School has regular meetings with the Youth Gay-Straight Alliance. I’d recommend phoning them and finding out more info.

Thanks, you guys. I am 28, so I’m not sure how I feel about approaching a school for this info – I was thinking for along the lines of events for adults who are past the university stage of their lives. But I’ll see what I can find out.

Yes, Rupert should have some sort of lgbtq organization. From what I understand, yes the previous posts are correct. There are many people in Rupert that would fall into this category and it is very “underground”. Any readers interested in looking into initiating or discussing please post. It’s time for such a organization to exist.

There’s a group of people trying to organize something in the near future
Hopefully soon!

I am looking forward to it. It would be cool to meet some new people when I move here permanently.

Is there a reason everything is “underground”? Do people tend to experience a lot of discrimination or negativity here?

My 19 year old has several friends in the LGBTQ community. They have experienced bullying, name calling, etc. Short answer. Yes.

The reason that talking to the high school might be okay is that there are several openly gay teachers there who, as far as I know, are very popular. If I had any idea that you were actually legit, I could give you the names myself. The only people working there right now are the principals but they might be willing to take your phone number and pass it on to one of them.