Lets go oilers lets go

how about those oilers
bargain basement team going to the top
gotta love em

they will choke just like calgary :wink:

that may be true but they are the only canadaian team left so i gotta support em eh

meh i hope carolina gets it

Oh Oh Oiler fans, the computer gods are not in your favour!

slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Hockey/NHL/Pl … 11-cp.html

Go Canes  :smiley: Canes are gonna take at home in Carolina Tommorow Night for sure…

the oilers dodged another bullet
can they do it 1 more time ta make it an interesting series?

nope… game 6, 3-1 carolina.

This will make for a nice bit of motivation for the Oilers as they get ready for game six!

atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com/2 … 0044158634

go Oilers go, 4-3 in game six and it will be on to Carolina for game 7. :unamused:


I still stick with this statement although they have now made it a real series.

it shoulda been 5-0, but they called that close one in carolina’s favor.

I suppose I coulda lost some money there… shiet

Finally people realize hard work  is the ethic to emulate and good things happen
no matter who you are :smile:


I actually just read something about the Oilers that made me laugh… talking about game 7:

[quote="$pinach"]My prediction is that each and everyone of the Oilers players, including the coach, is going to go home to the best oral sex they’ve ever had.

Carolina on the other hand won’t even be able to get a handjob from a second cousin. [/quote]

I’m not sure it will be that easy, but that quote was from an Oilers fan.

yet again I am right  :stuck_out_tongue:

Yet another one someone said, I thought  they played like Canucks and they left the real team in Albortia . Thank God they brought some of Italy with them and he managed another one . It was an honest effort on Thursday and Saturday night.

I shaved my playoff beard.