Let's COOK something!

Unfortunately here, all the places to eat have gone. One Chinese place so disgusting I couldn’t eat the food, one other tasted good but I was on the can 10 minutes after dining. The nicest place shut down in a flash when the RCMP frog marched the cook & waitress away, they’ve been charged with scamming hotels & lodges all over BC and Alta. All that’s left is pub food. Ecchhh!
So I upped my hobby cooking. Made a really good Pho for dinner tonight. Cheating, I used Campbell’s Pho broth but I was warned it was weak and lacking by a friend.
Added a bullion square, a healthy shot of fish sauce and a chunk of ginger to it. The thin sliced beef I sat in the fridge a couple hours, salt pepper and a few slices of pickled ginger left from the sushi I made for the Xmas party. The rest is simple as it gets - done in a half hour.
You ppl must have some great fish & ethnic recipes. Let’s share 'em!

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I like the instant pho from Mr. Noodles or whatever. I know it’s shit, but I like it :slight_smile:

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Me too, for lunch. But I always toss in a sliced mushroom, a few bean sprouts and a couple shrimp. And of course, a good shot of chili oil.

I love Ramen. The broth can take some time to make.Most people cringe at fish and oyster sauce but it helps the unami. Not fishy at all.
I bought a piece of pork belly, rolled it up , toed it, marinated and braised it. Thinly sliced with the above mentioned bean sprouts.
Add store bought noodles and a soft boiled egg.
Good eats.

I cooked brisket a few times last year.
Dry rub.
10-12 hours in the bbq 225 degrees with a foil packet of woodchips that’s replenished a few times. Usually bring it inside and finish in the oven after 8 or so hours.
Then wrapped in foil and towels.
Put it in a prewarmed cooler ( just hot water then emptied ) for an hour or so to rest.

Served with potatoes salad. Oh man…

All the the best to everyone ( and their families ) on HTMF. Wishing you all a safe and healthy 2020.

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My favorite way to spice up package noodles (Mr Noodles, ichiban) is throw some sriracha and cheddar cheese on top. Especially good with the beef flavour Mr Noodles.

I’m trying to use my instant pot more as it can make things so quick and easy (I just haven’t gotten in the habit). This chicken and rice recipe was simple, delicious, and fast:

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What y’all having for breakfast?

At the moment I’m sipping pretty good coffee from McDonald’s. I haven’t overcome inertia yet. I’ll eat something shortly. :slight_smile:


(Benny Hill)

Watching YouTube cooking demos (be careful 90% are inedible) and saw how easy schnitzel was to make. The old lady used to be a camp cook, told me the steak she took out wouldn’t defrost in time. She was feeling under and I should “do whatever” so off I went.
2 little pork loin pieces $3.25. Aw hell those Knorr’s noodles were on for a buck. Cheater bag of mixed salad on for $1.89…
Pounded the shit out of each piece of pork until it was <1/4". A little salt, a little pepper, a little more for paprika.
Oh shit, we were out of bread crumbs! Noodles were on, no time to hit the store.
So floured the schnitzel, dipped it in egg and plopped it into a plate covered with Shake&Bake and into the fry pan a couple minuted each side.
Turned our fantastic, crunchy coat made the schnitzel. My brain was going “what could you add” while I took a forkful of salad and lo and behold I’d grabbed Mandarin & Sesame salad dressing instead of Catalina.

Dinner at the Improv. Six dollars for two!

BTW I put the steak away for tomorrow. There was 1.7 kilos for the two of us. She stll thinks she’s feeding 40


Toutons, ham, and sausage for supper tonight. When you’re married to a Newfoundlander …


Where’s the million likes button?
Made a batch of bread last week and had left over dough. Toutans and molasses…reminds me of " me mudder ":drooling_face:

Follow her account :slight_smile: