Let the games begin

Industry giant intel is in talks to buy nvidia for 16 billion dollars,
Will this ensure their new found dominance in the pc market?
Will this deal stong arm apple to use nvidia gpu’s instead of ati?
The deal still needs shareholder and industry regulatory approval.
I think this deal could change everything. :laughing: :laughing:

Not sure how it will “change everything.”

Apple has used IBM, Motorola/Freescale, Intel, AMD, ATI and Nvidia in its products – usually whichever chip was the best fit for the application.

Since AMD and ATI are now the same company, Intel-nVidia would be a good fit for a bunch of reasons – Apple not really being one of them.

the new intel conroes are the cream of the crop that apple seems to like to use, wont intel make them use a product of thiers (nvidia) over the competions if they acquire nvidia?

Apple pretty much does what it wants.  I doubt Intel could “make them” do anything.

I think Intel gets more out of the deal than Apple does.  If anything, I’m sure Steve Jobs could strongarm Intel into cheaper prices / exclusive deals for Apple – with the threat that they’d use AMD stuff being used as leverage. 

Dell does this all the time to Intel.

Intel has to convince the computer manufacturers to use their products – (lower prices, better performance, special deals).  It can’t “make them” do so.

Apple has always used a combination of chips – whatever suited the product.

My Dual-G5 basically has an AMD chipset, an ATI video card, and IBM processors.  Some models had nVidia video cards, while the previous models had ATI cards and Motorola processors.  Nothing wrong with mixing all these in the same case.

The current “Mac Pro” can be ordered with either an ATI or nVidia video card.

I agree with you to a point, but intel does allready  have a convincing reason to use their products, better performing cpus that are cheaper and use less power. With the quad core chips coming in the fall they are about to make a huge leap forward in performance yet again, and nvidia do make really fast gpus that are also cheap and fast, aka dual core 7950 gpu’s. If i were to purchace a new system i would want the latest and greatest parts in it, wouldnt apple think the same way?

What if the other guy (AMD) offers similar chips to you for half the price (just to win market share)?

Or what happens if Intel tells Steve Jobs that Apple will have to pay full price for the chips?  That’s where competition comes in.

Dell has been playing this game forever:  google.com/search?q=dell+amd

Basically, whenever Dell doesn’t think it’s getting the best deal out of Intel, it threatens to use AMD.

If i were to purchace a new system i would want the latest and greatest parts in it, wouldnt apple think the same way?[/quote]

Exactly which is why you can’t bank on which way a company like apple or dell will do. What’s “latest and greatest” today can and does change tomorrow. Intel and AMD have been leapfrogging each other for a long time now and that won’t change in the near future.


what is amds counterattack for a quad core cpu then?

Well if I knew that I would be a rich man wouldn’t I? How the hell am I supposed to know what AMD is working on next? Just because they haven’t announced anything doesn’t mean we get to assume they aren’t at all. Do you honestly think that they are just going to go “OMG Quad core is the end of us. Run away and die!” Of COURSE they are working on what to do next. This is the cat and mouse game that AMD and Intel has been running for years now.


The point i was trying to make is don’t be surprized if soon when ya buy your new intel driven mac book pro or imac it will probably have intel or nvidia graphics running. A merger like this might turn systems into less choices for the consumer, amd\ati systems vrs intel\nvidia based systems. In the past weve had choices of amd or intel systems with ati or nvidia graphics, maybe in the future we wont have that choice. The companys may quit supporting each others hardware.

I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say a quad-core CPU of their own?

AMD’s CEO is pretty certain that Apple will soon be using AMD CPUs (Apple already uses AMD chipsets, etc):

macnn.com/articles/06/09/21/ … amd.chips/

"AMD CEO Hector Ruiz has suggested that Apple will eventually use AMD processors in some of its future systems, so as not to be held “hostage” to exclusive pricing deals from Intel.

At a late dinner in San Francisco the executive criticized Intel for reducing competition to a matter of price through its earlier monopoly of computer architecture, and cited previous examples of exclusive pricing deals with Dell as well as other manufacturers. Dell’s recent decision to use AMD processors marks the latest in a series of defections that are breaking Intel’s once unshakable grip on mainstream computer manufacturers, according to Electronista."

My dad works with chip fab market analysts, and he says that…

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